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Software Solutions

Software Solutions

A better revolution in a software solution with advanced software, advanced research for advanced people.

Key-value technology provides advanced system support with customized software where you can share better information about your real-time business to the end customer. Key-Value Technology is a dynamic and client-centric Company based in Pune, India with global business perspectives with the high motive for giving high-quality services in software solutions. We have successfully given many software solutions to many industries from small & medium scale corporate the world over.

Our software Solution Process


We do Frequent discussions with clients, takes the raw documents, consider some important references, immense experience, expert advice to help us in finalizing exact requirements for the project Flow.

Sketches & Wireframes

For our client’s purpose, we made it easy using concepts of sketches and wireframes which then approved by the client for UI designing.


Great design is always is first priority for any business & Industry. We always prefer simple, user-friendly, minimalistic coding, responsive pages, and super-fast loading are the lines on which we create designs.


Normalized Database, Latest Frameworks, Documented Development are the signs for road to success used by our Architects.

Our Expert in software solutions

Website design & development

A great attractive website design is the foundation of your online presence & brand. We have hands-on experienced technical people for developing your website.

App development

Choose our structured application development process which makes an easy platform for your customers.

CMS & portal design

Know custom CMS design & development services in a cost-effective way.

Domain Hosting services

Leading provider of secure & easy website hosting service with the end to end solutions for all kinds of websites.

Operating System Support

Key-value technologies provide all OS services for  Suse Linux, RedHat Linux, IBM-AIX UNIX, Oracle-Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Kali Linux,  with Installation with security.

Database Support & Services

The complete software solution for data migration services & extraction.

Some of the areas of prime importance are as under

  1. Expert Software developer
  2. Professionalism.
  3. Customer approach.
  4. Commitment to quality.
  5. Reasonable Prices
  6. Latest Technology

We are honestly trying to give you our best software solution for all kinds of industries where you need o to showcase your online presence by our best using our experience and logic, keeping your requirements and idea in mind. Ready to connect to key value technology for getting trusted software services & solutions In Pune.