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Solar Services

Solar Services

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An on-grid system is easy to implement and most cost-effective to connect PV modules to regular utility electrical supply or power.

This On-grid system is associated with your home or connected to your grid type supply. A grid-Connected system can supply solar panel electricity capacity to your home and used for backup.  This on-grid rooftop system provides your home the necessary electrical power, any additional power which is delivered will be moved to the grid directly.

Off-Grid Solar System -Off-grid systems easy to store & save your solar power in batteries for use when the power grid goes down. It is meant to be entirely self-sustaining. The best part about off-grid solar plants is that they provide power for critical loads when the power grid is down. It is also known as a stand-alone power system (SAPS).

We Key Value Technologies company works with help of overview or site survey & Power buy understanding. We give better options with subsidy obligations according to the offer of Government renewable energy policies.

Solar Inverters

A solar power charger is perhaps the most helpful electrical system of solar electric power. It is designed to get more extreme power from the solar panel and use it for regular applications.  The main goal provides endless power & reduce electricity bills will come at an affordable cost.

Solar street lights

Solar street lights utilize photovoltaic solar panels which utilize the boundless clean energy of the sun to charge the battery which forces LED or fluorescent light to illuminate the street lights. Such solar panels are typically mounted on the top of the pole. The solar street lights lighting framework is giving easy to understand lights.  The current period is to the utilize-conventional energy source. Solar energy is one of the energy sources which we can begin utilizing at low support cost.

Solar power pumps

Solar Water Pump gives a wide range of electrical force pumps for applications from household supply to a business water system framework. The Solar Pump engines can be AC(alternating) or DC(direct) contingent upon the voltage input required.  Solar water pumping systems are acquiring in popularity generally because of consistency, low support costs, reasonable arrangement, and significant expense investment funds contrast with alternatives like diesel-worked siphons.

Solar FPC heater

With the inclining cost of electricity, solar water heaters have the most helpful options accessible today for domestic uses. These Solar Water Heating systems perfectly design & performed, suffering both time and outrageous conditions to which collectors are exposed.

Features of FPC Solar Water Heater:

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long-lasting life: around 25 years
  • Smart design with horizontal-vertical mounting
  • Toughened hail proof glass to protect inner tubes

Solar Water Heater

Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heater – an unmatched and reliable solution to conserve energy. The Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heater uses more energy from the sun to warm water to temperatures as high as 85C and result in quantum saving in electricity or fuel oil.

The ETC frameworks can be installed and inter with existing water warming systems, for example, springs in houses, steam boilers in industries, or pressurized systems in hotels.

Commercial Power system

As a mindful business owner, you can save the environment now and for people in the future by generating your own clean clean solar energy.

Solar energy reduces the measure of petroleum products we use, in this manner diminishing toxins causing a worldwide temperature alteration.

Contingent upon the size of the framework, business sunlight-based boards can take out your force bills.

Adding a solar power generating system to your enterprise is a dependable business choice that can feel you to have a positive outlook on profiting from the climate.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic

Climate Friendly: BIPV is the most powerful method of creating nearby power straightforwardly from the sun, without harming pollution.

Double Purpose: BIPV modules restore conventional building envelope materials and create power.

There are numerous pieces of the structure that can be effectively substituted with photovoltaic: bay windows, rooftops, windows, and veneers.

The photovoltaic framework can be utilized as a stand-alone unit to a structure by powering an automatic sun-blind, operating an engine-driven ventilation system, or be grid-tied.

Roof Solar PV System utilizes solar panels installed on roofs of private/business structures where the daylight is bountiful and unhindered. Such frameworks can be in conjunction related to ordinary stock.

Sunlight-based Rooftop has expanded sought after as individuals have now aware of the upsides of Solar rooftop, they have helped in diminishing power charges as well as with the expanding number of sun-based fueled frameworks installed in houses and offices, we are saving the environment. Rooftop Solar Panels for homes have become a substitute for electrical.

Rooftop solar

Solar panels have one of the most important accessories family units as it saves your power bills and gives you 100% clean energy, Key-Value Technologies gives sun-based establishment solar system to your home, manors, workplaces, and manufacturing plants adjustable and as per your need. We give Home Solar Systems, Solar Water Heater, Solar boards, Solar Rooftop Systems, and so forth. Such home close solar system units are associated with the utility network, providing energy when the conditions are correct. Sun-oriented board frameworks are valuable in both, overseeing inordinate burdens and optimizing costs.

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