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AI & IOT Solutions

AI & IOT Solutions

AI Consulting,  Strategy, algorithm development, and Implementation by Key-Value Technology to our business clients. We are ready to solve your business challenges. Everything is continuing to transform our world using AI & Machine learning technologies. Our experts experienced in this steam empowering your business today with our technological AI consultant & result-driven successful model to all businesses niche.  Choose this new latest artificial technology for improving your business working efficiency for more real and rapid growth. Our AI consultants are always ready to solve diverse and difficult technology issues through AI technology.

Our AI/ ML business consultants and developers are well knowledgeable in

1.Machine Learning Consulting and modeling – We quickly develop & deploy your custom ML solution with the business level model.

2.Natural Language Processing – We are at a good level & experience in NLP development which automatic computational processing of human languages while dealing with your customer interaction.

3.Predictive Modeling – AI/ ML algorithms are easy to help you process unutilized or non-utilized data, for next-level modeling selection. It is completely useful for sales, marketing tools for client interaction.

4.cognitive modeling- It is very useful in such as expert systems, natural language processing, neural networks, and robotics & virtual reality applications.

We are ready to in AI services

1. Chatbot: Save your time and resources & acquire your business customer using fast & quick chatbot AI Products. Connect 24x7 to your online visitor & give your automated customer service. Also choose an IVR bot, text bots, conversational bots, online chatbots, messaging bots that save you more time.

2. AI consultation: We help you to mapping business processes, setting real-time KPIs and metrics & automate your business process.

We have a consultation team to design your AI process as per your business model.

Our current IoT model service

Key value Technology is An end-to-end IoT service provider & solutions company providing world-class technological solutions for Industrial IoT.  We always provide real-time IoT  Identification, solution design, deployment, and Maintenance. All required products are very essentials web/mobile apps for monitoring, alerting, reporting, and the analytics of connected devices.

Find our Best IoT products like

1.Industrial Sensors

2.Wired and Wireless Sensors


4.Sensor Networks

We solve your business process

1.Analyzing your current business need

2.verify Process and methodology/

3.Performance Analysis/

4.Deploying the AI & MLS in your business.